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FractalPix Video Codec™ - Lossless Floating Point HDR Video for Digital Mastering (.fpxv)     
FRACTALPIX Video Codec™ is our .fpxv video file format utilizing lossless .fpx Intra Frames with emphasis on retaining the image quality of our FRACTALPIX Upscaler™ and FRACTALPIX Resampler™ systems, up to RGBA floating point 16-bits per color channel (64 bits per pixel). Performance optimization for the coming 8K video market is an essential element in our Codec design and development.

PCIe 5.0 is arriving in 2019 with 4x more bandwidth than PCIe 3.0 our goal for FRACTALPIX Video Codec™ is the widespread adoption of 100% mathematically lossless 10 to 16-bit RGB video for Digital Cinema and other high end use cases. Subjective and quantitative compression issues will finally be eliminated.

Note: Examples are compression level 0 .PNG 8-bit RGB images
FRACTALPIX Video Codec™ - Pixel Perfect High Quality HDR Video Encoding
Zoomed 800% showing individual pixels

12-Bit RGB Color 24-60fps 4K (4096x2160) File Data Rate: 0.8-1.9 GBs (over Optical Link)

12-Bit RGB Color 24-60fps 8K (8192x4320) File Data Rate: 3.0-7.5 GBs (over Optical Link)

100% Lossless, zero generational loss

Parallel GPU compression/decompression

Tiled decompression (selected portions of video)

Scaled decompression (smaller resolutions)

Subsampled decompression (lower color depths)